Whether you’re planning a seaside ceremony or saying your vows in a chapel overlooking the bay, beachy wedding invitations set the tone for your big day from the moment guests first open the envelope. From cute sun-and-sand designs to elegant graphics that invoke dreams of romantic sunsets over the ocean, there are beachy invitation options for every couple.


7 beachy wedding invitation options for your wedding

Wedding invitations with a beach or ocean theme come in a range of styles, so you can opt for a classic rectangular design or go with a pocket invitation that includes matching enclosures tucked into a built-in fold. Dive into this collection of seven beach-themed invitations to find just the right wedding stationery for your event.

1. Tropical Paradise

Define your island destination wedding with the Tropical Paradise pocket wedding invitation, which features a serene beach scene in full photographic color. Lush vegetation, fluffy white clouds in a gorgeous azure sky, and a bright blue sea with rolling waves transport guests to your wedding paradise, getting everyone excited about the big event. Matching enclosure cards provide vital information about your reception, and RSVP postcards make it easy for guests to send their replies. All of your enclosures tuck right into a pocket at the bottom of the invitation so guests can keep everything together as they travel to your wedding location. The Tropical Paradise collection also includes wedding programs, Save the Date cards, and reception place cards so you can keep everything coordinated. Seals with matching tropical imagery let you adorn the exterior of the folded invitation, and preprinted address labels save you time.

TROPICAL PARADISE: Pocket Invitations

2. Beachcomber

The sweet, simple design of the Beachcomber pocket invitation features a clean, classic backdrop that keeps the focus on your wedding details, and the included cards let you add essential details, such as your reception’s location or directions. An embedded side pocket keeps the cards organized, and stylized ocean elements at the top of each step card create a cohesive look. Plus, you can customize the fonts to personalize the design and even add raised foil to enhance the text and graphics, making this wedding invitation option suitable for everything from a casual boardwalk ceremony to a formal event at a seaside resort. If you want your invitation to match your wedding color scheme, this option lets you adjust the colors of the text, background, and accent elements. Coordinating Save the Date cards, wedding program fans, and reception menus enhances your theme.

BEACHCOMBER: Pocket Invitations

3. Beyond the Shore

Set a tone of breezy sophistication with the Beyond the Shore invitation, which hints at ocean themes using soft watercolor brushstrokes reminiscent of gently breaking waves. Customizable colors make it easy to match the exact shade to your wedding decor, whether you’re aiming for tropical turquoise or a deeper nautical blue tone, and your names written across the top in a gently swirling font put the focus where it should be: on you and your spouse-to-be. Add return address printing for your invitation envelopes and reply envelopes to reduce the effort of handwriting everything, or choose matching stick-on address labels to give your invitation that finishing touch.

BEYOND THE SHORE: Rectangle Invitations

4. Names Written in the Sand

The romantic gesture of drawing your true love’s name in the sandy beach underfoot comes to life in the Names Written in the Sand invitation. A featured font resembling a message in sand makes it looks as though you and your beloved have etched your names directly into the beach featured on the interior fold. The bright blue of a tropical sea lends this invitation a relaxed look, and the white caps of rolling waves breaking on the sand adds a sense of anticipation for your big day. Starfish and sand dollars enhance the beachy vibe, inviting friends and family to join you as you set off on your grandest adventure yet.


5. Florida

Whether your big day includes a beachfront ceremony on the panhandle or a reception in the Keys, the Florida pocket invitation gives guests a taste of what’s in store at your event. The photographic image of swaying palm trees and ocean waves works for any beach wedding destination, and the coordinating step cards let guests see important details at a glance. RSVP postcards featuring the same graphics offer one-stamp mailing to simplify replies. Continue your beachy Florida-inspired theme with Save the Date cards and reception menus sporting the same tranquil images and let guests start imagining the feel of sand beneath their toes and the scent of salt in the air.

FLORIDA: Pocket Invitations

6. Salty Kisses

For a beachy wedding with a vintage vibe, the Salty Kisses rectangular invitation delivers just the right balance of relaxed romance and classic style. The back of the invitation resembles textured, weathered wood for a rustic coastal feel, while images of shells on the front add a simple charm. Pick soft pastel shades for a serene look well-suited for a springtime wedding on a seagrass-adorned dune or go with a deeper hue for a fall wedding at the cove. When it comes to imparting essential information to guests, the calligraphic script brings to mind handwritten love letters, setting just the right tone for a casual yet intimate oceanside ceremony.

SALTY KISSES: Rectangle Invitations

7. On the Reef

Rounded edges and a backdrop of seashell sketches give the On the Reef shaped wedding invitation a timeless feel. Choose from a selection of customized fonts and adjust the color to match your flowers and bridesmaid dresses. Sea-themed envelope liners paired with seashell-adorned seals offer extra coordination. Smooth, satin and pearl paper options let you personalize your invitation even further. Consider a matching wedding program fan to help guests keep cool during your casual seaside ceremony, and order a reception menu card from the On the Reef collection to showcase your dinner options in beachy style.

ON THE REEF: Shaped Invitations

Making your vows and celebrating with loved ones in an oceanfront setting adds a touch of wild romance to your big day. With beachy wedding invitations and matching wedding stationery, you can emphasize your nature-inspired theme.