The Essentials For a Luxury Wedding

Luxury Wedding

Having a luxury wedding is all about creating a special moment in time that will have a lasting impression on the memory of your family and friends. With so many beautiful places to choose from, it’s easy to see why luxury weddings are becoming increasingly popular.

With a number of luxury wedding venues now on the market, couples often find themselves spoilt for choice. With this in mind, we have put together a list of essential ‘must-haves’ when considering which place would be best suited to your big day.

The Luxury Venue

Choosing the perfect venue can be difficult. However, when your perfect day comes together, it will be worth all of the effort. A luxury venue will have luxurious decor, whether it be an opulent ballroom or a stunning lakeside venue with views for miles around.

You shouldn’t be expecting anything less than spectacular at your luxury wedding venue. The decor should be extravagant, but not tacky. The tables and chairs should be of the finest quality, as should any other furniture that will make your guests feel comfortable throughout the day and night.

Top Class Catering

Luxury wedding venues are able to offer guests a lavish array of fine food and wines. It is important that the quality of the food matches the quality of the event itself. This is where luxury venues are head and shoulders above other wedding venues.

When you think of a luxury wedding, the first word that will come to mind is ‘elegance.’ Therefore, make sure that your guests are attending an elegant affair by choosing a venue with top-class catering. The menu should have plenty of variety to suit all tastes.

Elegant Lighting

Luxury weddings should be lit in such a way that they enable your guests to view your surroundings with ease, allowing them to fully appreciate why you have chosen to celebrate in that location. Luxury venues tend to have their own lighting systems, ensuring that every part of the venue is illuminated at all times. These lights are usually coordinated perfectly with the rest of your wedding theme to ensure perfection.

The Perfect Band

One of the most important aspects of any luxury wedding is the entertainment of your guests, so it’s essential to match the quality of your band with that of your venue. This will ensure nothing but perfection on your special day.

When you consider that your guests will be spending an entire evening with the band, it is important that they’re of a high enough standard to win over even the most discerning of people.

A professional band will be able to play classic songs in a musical style that everybody can enjoy, making your party one for all to remember.

Classic Photography

Your luxury wedding will be filled with beautiful memories, so it’s essential that you capture those special moments in time. It’s important to choose a photographer that matches the quality of your wedding event.

A professional luxury wedding photographer will have a keen and artistic eye for detail and will be able to conduct themselves in an unobtrusive manner in order to capture the mood of your special day. This is essential in capturing those perfect memories, which you can cherish forever.

A True Luxury Wedding Planner

Employing a true luxury wedding planner will ensure that your wedding is fully catered to your needs. A luxury wedding planner will help create that perfect memory of your special day by organising all elements of the event; from food to flowers, entertainment and photography.

When you think of a luxury wedding, there are so many elements to organise and coordinate. It’s essential that you match the quality of your planner with that of your venue and also any entertainment on offer, including live musicians and bands.

It’s important that all those involved in planning your special day understand exactly what it is that you’re looking for in a luxury wedding. The more they understand your vision, the more likely it is that they’ll be able to make this vision a reality.

When you choose your luxury wedding planner, make sure that they are fully familiar with the location and venue in which you will be hosting your special event. It’s important to work closely with them throughout the entire process in order to ensure that all of your needs are met.

The Transportation

Luxury weddings are often held in remote locations, so it is vital that guests who do not live near the venue are able to get there safely and securely. You should therefore consider the various options in order to enhance your wedding day even more. When you think of luxury, it’s important that all elements of your event are catered for – even the transport!

The Theme

Before choosing your luxury wedding venue, you should consider whether they will be able to match the theme of your big day. It’s important to consider the lighting in your venue, as well as any flooring or decor which could distract from a specific style.

When you’ve chosen a luxury wedding theme, ensure that all of your decorations match this style, creating coherency throughout the entire event. This is why it’s essential to choose a venue with top-class catering and entertainment, as well as a strong focus on attention to detail throughout.

The Right Cake

Speak with the staff at the luxury wedding venue you are considering and ask them whether they will be able to create your custom-designed cake, as many venues now offer this service.

A professional and well-respected wedding venue will be fully equipped with all necessary utensils and tools in order to create that perfect, custom-designed cake just for you. They should also be able to advise on any dietary requirements and preferences.

Elegant Dress Code

Make sure that you fully understand exactly what the dress code for your luxury wedding will be. This will ensure everyone arrives looking their best.  You should also choose a wedding that can match your desired dress code.

When you’re choosing the theme for your luxury wedding, it’s important to conduct thorough research into what colours would be appropriate. You should also take into consideration things like the lighting at your venue and any other factors which may influence this decision.

On The Day Luxury

Be sure to have a clear prearranged plan for your luxury wedding day, so that everything runs smoothly and you are able to enjoy every moment. This is why it’s important to choose a luxury venue that caters directly to your needs.

Luxury weddings are about attention to detail, so you should ensure that all of your guests are directed where they need to be, with the minimum of fuss. It’s important that everything is planned out in advance and each guest is fully aware of the schedule for the big day.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to luxury weddings, the overall look and feel of your big day are incredibly important, and these features will all help you craft the perfect day. Utilising an expert in the wedding industry, such as a luxury wedding planner, will ensure that you have the best day possible. Happy planning!